Day 30: Do something you loved as a child


Think back to when you were a kid. What did you like to do?

I read an article once that suggested a way to relax was to do something you loved as a child. For example, if you loved to ride your bike, the author suggested that you dust it off and take it out for a spin to relieve some stress. If you loved art, grab some colored pencils or paint and a blank canvas and get to work creating your own masterpiece.

For me, I loved to color and dance (my mother enrolled me in dance class at a young age; I vividly remember my first recital at age four).

I was inside a lot. My parents were always working:  my mother ran an adult foster care home out of our house and I almost never remember her sitting down. My papa worked in a factory an hour away, and then he helped her in the evening.

After a while I got really good at finding things to do to keep me busy. Coloring was a great solution. Maybe that’s why I love to paint today, although now my canvas is a beat up old piece of furniture!

So now that I’ve rambled a bit and given you some time to think, let’s go back to my original question.

What did you like to do as a kid?

Play at the park? roller skate? go on a swing? Maybe you could do that again sometime. If you don’t have children, could you spend some time with a niece or a nephew?

Sometimes being with a kid can make you feel like you were a kid again. And that can be a great way to escape, relax and have some fun.

* * *

We’ll wrap up this month-long series tomorrow. If you missed a post, you can find them all here.

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