The Split Pea Wreath

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You know I’m crushing on green right now as evidenced here and here.

So when I saw someone had made a wreath out of green split peas, I had to make one for myself.

I gathered up some supplies:

  • two bags of split green peas
  • a foam wreath from the dollar store
  • glue, glue and more glue
  • a container to hold the split peas
  • some newspaper to catch the runaway split peas
The method is easy. Dump peas into the container. Working in small sections, spread the glue on the wreath form. Let dry. Reglue the ones that have fallen off. Repeat, repeat, repeat until all sides are covered.
I would love to say that this was an easy project. Actually, it was pretty easy, but it did take some time. If I had to do it again, I would either use a hot glue gun or actual craft glue, not the plain old Elmer’s school glue so that the peas would adhere more firmly. That would also make the project go by more quickly.
Needless to say, I’m pleased with the result. I had some spare burlap that I cut into a long strip and frayed on the ends. The only problem was how to hang it. Finally, I resorted to this…
Worked like a charm. And no one will see the back of it.
So here is what it looks like in its new home:
Just a little more lovely green color to usher in the fall.
For more wreath inspiration, check out the Nester’s “You made a wreath out of what?!” party.
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DIY Mercury Glass Knobs

This project couldn’t be easier.

Take some knobs on clearance from Hobby Lobby:

Remove the tags and poke them into a study piece of cardboard to catch the drips.

Then spray some water on them. While they are still wet, spray them with some mirror spray paint (purchased from Hob Lob with a 40 percent off coupon).

Go start dinner while they dry…

and then put them in their new home:

I love the fact that the finish is uneven. To me, that’s what makes it look a bit more authentic.

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Fun With Book Pages

I just love the vintage feeling that decorating with old book pages inspires.

There are lots of fun and crafty things to do and make with old book pages. Here are a few of my favorites:

The book page wreath shown at the top of my office gallery wall. (OK, so mine is technically more of a fouf, but whatever!) The instructions to make your own are here.

Sweet and simple pinwheels hung over a mirror in our entryway. The tutorial comes from this post at Everyday Lovely.

Book pages as art, courtesy of Country Living magazine.


Or, cover an old Christmas ornament like Holly did from In the Fun Lane.

Whatever you choose, book pages are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your home. Happy crafting!

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Easiest Ever Summer Centerpiece

Recycled jars and wildflowers from your yard.


a simple summer centerpiece.

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The Derby-Inspired Beach Hat

I found this not-so-little beach hat at Target for $2.50. It’s cute, for sure, but a little plain.

(Note that I’m not complaining because it was less than the cost of a Happy Meal, woohoo!)

So how do I embellish something that will see a lot of wear this summer at the beach (or while gardening in my backyard)?

The over-the-top hats worn at the Kentucky Derby were my inspiration:

Photo source

The white hat at the top is just darling. (Seriously, could the woman possibly be any cuter?!) I would totally wear that, but it would have to be the right occasion – like the Kentucky Derby!!

Back to my hat.

I decided that just wearing a huge bright pink hat like this at the beach would be a statement in and of itself, so I decided to embellish it rather gently. Five little cloth flowers made from leftover scrap fabric did the trick:

Now, it remains to be seen whether or not my family (remember I’m English AND Hillbilly) will claim me if I’m wearing this hat in public.

I’ll have to let you know:)

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Father’s Day Necktie Garland

Here is a cute last-minute idea to make the dad in your life feel special on his big day. It’s both frugal AND easy. Gotta love that.

Pick up several sheets of manly scrapbook paper (talk about an oxymoron!). The ones I picked out at Michael’s were only 25 cents a sheet.

Next, I drew a picture of half a necktie, to make a template like this:


Then I cut them out of the scrapbook paper and hung them with twine, tape and mini wooden clothespins, $3 at Walmart.

My sons want to give dad breakfast in bed on Sunday. Isn’t that cute?

Now if only I can wake up early enough…

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Whip Up a Clever Father’s Day Gift From Your Recycling Bin

Looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift that kids can make? Look no further than your recycling bin.

I totally forgot about this Father’s Day craft my son Jack made for his dad in first grade – that is, until I tripped over it when I was trying to make our bed. Ahem.

Anyway, I can’t take credit for this idea. It came from Ms. Dickens, who is an awesome first grade teacher at Oakland Academy in Portage, Mich.

Before we begin, let me just say that elementary school teachers are some of the most creative people on the planet – aside from moms, of course;) And the people who work at Family Fun magazine.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • empty cereal box
  • 1/2 C of rice or dried beans
  • brown craft paper
  • one pipe cleaner
  • two small pieces of tin foil
  • two bottle caps (from orange juice containers or two-liter pop bottles)
  • a cute photo of your child
  • some white paper
  • tape, glue stick and a marker

All you do is put the rice or dried beans in the empty cereal box. Close it securely with tape. Wrap the box with brown craft paper, just like you would wrap a present.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half and tape the folded edge in the middle of the top of the “TV” to form the antennae. Wrap each end of the pipe cleaner with a small piece of tin foil.

Glue the two bottlecaps and the picture on the front of the box as shown. Have your child write his name (first or last) with the marker and “TV” after it. Tape it to the box and you’re done!

What an easy and clever gift idea that kids can make themselves, though the younger set will need a bit of help from mom or an older sibling.

Oh, and be prepared for your kids to ask questions about the FOIL-WRAPPED ANTENNAE and KNOBS on the TV. You might have to explain that, when you were a kid, YOU were the remote control, as in, “Hey kid, turn it to Channel 3 for me, will ya?”

Ahh, the good ‘ol days.

I linked this up to Frugal Friday at The Shabby Nest.

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Quick and Easy Jar Candle

Sometimes it’s just too easy.

I picked this jar up for $0.50 at an estate sale. It even had its lid still (that’s what the little birdie is perched on).

I carefully filled the  jar with some pea gravel and then tucked in a candle I found in our basement.

Quick. Easy. Simple. And frugal.

Love, love, love it when that happens.

I plan to take this outside and use it on our patio in the evening. You could also make several of them using smaller glass jars and line the walkway to your front door for one night. How pretty would that be?

Tip: use a piece of uncooked spaghetti to light the candle. I had heard that tip before but never tried it. Worked like a charm and no burned fingers!

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Upgrade a Plain Reusable Grocery Tote

I have a love/hate relationship with those reusable totebags all the grocery stores, etc. are selling these days.

Sure, they are functional, eco-friendly, yada, yada, yada, but I just don’t want to be a walking billboard for every store and company in town. Plus, I ALWAYS forget to bring them into the store.

So what’s a girl to do?

While my husband and boys were outside shooting hoops last night (yea, the four-foot box doesn’t live in our bedroom anymore!), I decided to see if I could make these ugly bags a little bit cuter.

What do you think? Did I accomplish my mission?

I raided my very small fabric stash and found a lovely floral with brown, cream, green and aqua.

Incidentally, how wonderful would this color scheme be in a living room or bedroom? Hmmm…

I measured the space between the handles on the front panel and came up with 15 1/2″ tall and 7 3/4″ wide. I made a small cut in the fabric and then tore it to fray the edges. 

Then I used a zigzag stitch to sew the fabric to the front. I didn’t even bother to sew across the top.

Much improved, but I can do better.

I had this flower pin that I made ages ago and simply pinned it to the bag. It’s nothing more than a fake flower from a craft store with the stem cut off and one of those pin notions sewed to the back of it.

For the black bag, I made four fabric flowers using this tutorial and leftover scraps of fabric. The white is from some too-long curtains from IKEA, the gray is from my t-shirt refashion, the patterned fabric is from my apron and the other one is burlap from my stenciled pillow.

Remember the before?

Now here is the after:

Now maybe I won’t forget to take these cuties in with me to the grocery store anymore!

I linked this up to Frugal Friday at The Shabby Nest!

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Paint Swatch Bookmarks

This is such a cute little project. I really wish I’d thought of it, but I didn’t. I picked this idea up from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs and I think it’s genius!

Here is what you’ll need:

These little bookmarks are so easy to make, I dutifully employed my eight-year-olds.

Punch a hole near the top center

fold a length of twine or ribbon in half and thread the loop through the hole

thread the cut ends back through the loop

and here is what you’ll end up with

Which is much better than what we had previously been using

Ahhh…much better!

PS If you haven’t read the Little House books since you were a kid, you should consider reading them again. They are excellent and really make you quite thankful to be living in the days of insulated houses and grocery stores and automobiles. At the same time, the books also harken back to a simpler time of shared meals by a cookstove, family togetherness and the days where it was a treat to be able to go into town once a week. I highly recommend them!

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