31 Days of Vintage Living in a Modern World

There’s something you should know about me…

I’m a little bit of a free spirit – spontaneous, fun, and even downright nutty sometimes. But I’m also a recovering perfectionist, Type A, all-of-my-towels-must-be-folded-the-same-exact-way-or-it-bothers-me type of person, too.

All at the very same time. And all of that is crammed not-so-neatly into the same body, but only one head.

Lord, help my husband and our children.

You can see why I’m all conflicted inside. I tell myself it’s part of my charm.

Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, I decided (at the very last minute) that I’m going to blog on one topic for the entire month of October. Don’t worry, I actually have a detailed game plan written down.

Sort of.

Now if only I can remember where I put it…

OK, OK, now I’m going to get serious for just a little while.

I was raised by my paternal grandparents. There is so much about my upbringing that I am truly thankful for. All of those old-fashioned values (like hard work, common courtesy, loyalty, perseverance and stretching every penny) were modeled to me from a very early age. My childhood home was filled with a wonderful combination of strictness and much love. There was also a lot of pain and confusion I have yet to work through, by God’s grace.

And that’s what I have to offer you.

I want to share a little bit of what I learned from my beloved mom and papa (what I called them). It’s an approach to life that is all but forgotten in this do-it-all, be-it-all, have-it-all, right. this. very. instant. modern world we live in.

So here’s where things are gonna get interesting, kids.

Are you with me?

Oh, and if the ‘vintage living’ thing isn’t your cup of tea, you can pick from more than 300 other topics right here.


Day 1:  Slow. Down.

Day 2:  Seek quiet in the morning

Day 3:  Unplug

Day 4:  Keep it simple

Day 5:  Pay with cash


Day 6:  Live in the moment

Day 7: Play a board game

Day 8:  Play “your” song

Day 9:  Savor the season

Day 10:  Encourage someone

Day 11: Snap a family photo

Day 12:  Make plans to see a show


Day 13:  Do it yourself

Day 14:  Do the dishes by hand

Day 15:  Have another couple over for coffee

Day 16:  Share what you have

Day 17:  Sweep your porch

Day 18:  Use the good dishes

Day 19:  Embrace the routine

Day 20:  Bring the outdoors in


Day 21: Put on a little lipstick

Day 22: Fix or mend something

Day: 23:  Use what you have

Day 24:  Window shop

Day 25: Dress up for your ordinary day


Day 26:  Mind your manners

Day 27:  Repair, not replace

Day 28:  Reach out to others

Day 29:  Make something with your hands

Day 30:  Do something you loved as a child

Day 31: Reflect

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