Day 28: Reach out to others

It seems like these days we don’t have a lot of time to reach out to others. We’re so busy trying to keep up with the needs of our own families that there just doesn’t seem to be much time left for developing friendships.

I know I’m guilty of that.

So…here are a few ideas on how to reach out to others:

  • Write a note of encouragement (a real handwritten note with that stuff called paper and a pen)
  • Bake (or buy) cookies and take them to someone in need
  • Grab a friend and go for a walk
  • Chat with a neighbor like you have all the time in the world
  • Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long while just to say “hi”
I’m sure there are many, many other ways but at least it’s a start. I’m going to pick one to do within the next few days. Won’t you join me?
* * *
There are only a few days left in our series. Check out the rest of the posts here.
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  1. One of the lost and dying ‘arts’ of our generation, the are of relationships. So much gathering of stuff, repurposing of other stuff, but no sharing of ourselves! Thanks for the reminder..

    • Ooooh, what a great observation! It’s ironic, but the same technology that was designed to connect us (phone, email, texting) is the same technology that can drive us apart if we let it. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. art- no are..

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