Day 23: Use what you have


When I was growing up, closets were small. We lived in a large home in a middle class neighborhood. It wasn’t large because we needed a ton of space, it was large because my mother (grandmother) ran an adult foster care home within our home. There was always a lot of drama and very little privacy, but I’ll save those stories for another post;)

The first house my husband and I bought was built in 1927. People back then didn’t have large closets. They didn’t need them because they didn’t have a lot of clothes.

And you know what? I’m convinced that having a small closet is the key to a great wardrobe.

Why? Because when you have a small closet, each item of clothing has to work otherwise it can’t stay. There simply isn’t any room for “someday I might wear this” or “when I lose those extra (cough) pounds…”.

If it doesn’t fit, isn’t my color or is just plain not in style anymore, I donate it.

When I was pregnant with twins, I had very few maternity clothes. Seriously. I had two skirts, three pairs of pants (including one pair of jeans), two dresses, a few tops and one sweater. I had even less as I started to grow out of my maternity clothes during the latter part of my pregnancy.

Wanna know something? I LOVED it.

I was careful to buy only things that could work with each other. All of the tops could go with all of the bottoms. For a different look, I would wear a plain sheath dress over a button down shirt and if I was cold, I’d put my sweater over that. I was able to make many different outfits from relatively few items and I had a lot of fun mixing and matching.

I would also add accessories to change the look or make it more interesting. A scarf, a big chunky necklace or some bold earrings and cute shoes could really change things up.

Having a small wardrobe forced me to be creative. Way more creative than when my closet was four times that size. I actually looked forward to getting dressed every morning.

So my point is this…you don’t have to have a lot of clothes in order to have a stylish wardrobe. But you do need to love and use what you do have.

* * *

If you liked this post, I’ve written about how I never pay more than $5 for jeans, plus 11 tips to building a frugal wardrobe.

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