Day 22: Fix or mend something


Often times, I will look in my closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!”, when that is simply not true.

When that happens, my first thought is, “I need to go shopping”, which isn’t always in my budget. Instead, I’m forced to look around and see a number of things that need to be mended, cleaned or otherwise repaired, such as:

  • all of the “hand wash cold, line dry” items patiently waiting to be washed
  • shoes that need to be reheeled, polished or fixed
  • my favorite handbag (or suitcase as my husband calls it) with a strap that needs to be restitched
  • a blouse that needs to be mended, a sweater with small hole or my favorite khakis that are missing a button
  • a leather belt that needs a new hole to be made
  • items that need to be drycleaned (at home with Dryel or at the drycleaner)
  • simple alterations
  • and my least favorite chore of all, the dreaded ironing basket
I would virtually have a new wardrobe if I did all those things. And if I did just one or two on that list, I would have lots more options in my closet that would feel “new” again.
Making good use of the items you already have in your closet is a great way to fight the urge to shop for new clothes and to make the most of your current wardrobe.
* * *
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