Day 12: Make plans to see a show

OK, here is a fun one…get out!

As in make plans to go see some type of show, preferably live. With or without your children, your choice. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look in the newspaper (this series is about vintage living, after all, heehee) and think about your options in the next couple of weeks. Then make plans to go out and do something fun – no spur-of-the-moment events allowed;)

Yes, I’m totally kidding!

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • a free concert in your town
  • a poetry reading at the local coffee shop
  • a high school football game
  • a fall carnival
  • an exhibit at a local art museum
  • a comedy show (if you can find a clean one)
  • (your niece’s) dance recital
  • a magic show for the kids
  • a play at a nearby college
If all else fails, go see a movie. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, sign up for a ballroom dancing lesson. Again, this should be something you plan for – and then look forward to.

Here are my grandparents (that raised me), circa 1950:

I was told that they were off to a dance, how romantic!

I love this picture for so many reasons, mainly because they look so very happy.

So, fix yourself up (buy a new dress if it’s in your budget) and then go enjoy yourself!

* * *

Miss a day? All the rest of the 31 Days to Vintage Living are posted here.

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  1. Im enjoying your 31 days! and I was raised by my grandparents too, so I think it makes us automatic friends!

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