Day 4: Keep it simple

The greatest step toward a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.  ~Steve Maraboli

My sweet papa was the simplest man I’ve ever known.

He worked hard and took care of his family. He bought only what he needed and he ALWAYS paid with cash.

When he passed away, he left behind a very modest house and vehicle, but no debts. He wrote a check for the few bills he did have the very same day they came in.

He didn’t have a lot, but what he did have, he took really good care of.

And guess what? He always had more than enough.

Meals weren’t elaborate. He would eat eggs and toast or oatmeal in the morning (with some really strong coffee); lunch was a sandwich and a piece of fruit and dinner was a bowl of soup or chili and maybe a vegetable.

Some people would say that was a boring way to live.

If you knew my precious papa, you would know he was anything but boring!

What about you?

Is there something in your life that could be simpler? Take one small step today to simplify something that has been bothering you.

Do you have piles of mail on your kitchen counter? Toss or shred the junk and then come up with a simple system to handle the rest.

Are you always looking up the same phone number? Write it down and put it near the phone (or enter it into your phone’s address book so you’ll have it when you need it).

Instead of loading up on soda, drink mostly water. No cans to rinse out and return. It’s better for your wallet and your waistline.

Whatever you do, don’t overthink it. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most brilliant.

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  1. kim, hi. summer here. i just found something i think you might like it’s called pinterest – somehow you pin stuff onto a site and it’s all things that you might want to do from decorating to crafts to cooking. summer

    • Hi! I’ve heard of pinterest, but I’ve been avoiding it so I don’t get addicted to it – that’s the very same reason I am still a little blue man on Facebook!

  2. Love this! “Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most brilliant.” I’m enjoying your series!

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