Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Earlier this summer, I bought a mirror with a wood frame for $5 at an outdoor flea market.

Originally, I was going to repurpose it as a tray for our coffee table. However, I had a vision of one of my boys breaking it complete with glass flying everywhere.

Let’s see now…shards of glass + children = not a good idea.

On to plan B, which is to paint and hang in the office.

Here is what it looked like before:

I wanted it to coordinate with the reddish-orange tufted chair I scored at a church rummage sale. I didn’t bother going to a paint store to try to match it exactly. A $1 tube of craft paint in Light Red Oxide did the trick.

A lovely example of my precision painting technique.

And one of my essential painting tools:

I let it dry for a couple of days so it could fully cure and then distressed it with some coarse-60 grit sandpaper…

and then I hung it in my office:

I think it ties in nicely with the red-orange chair and the bird art on the other side of the room.

OK, so a professional photographer I’m not. Trust me, they are a much closer match in real life!

Now about that curtain…

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