I’m officially a football widow…

Ah, September. The air is cooler, the leaves are starting to turn colors and school is back in session. And then it happens.

Football season.

Which means I’m officially a football widow.

My boys had a flag football clinic on Saturday morning. Practices start Wednesday.

The infamous Michigan/Notre Dame rivalry game was Saturday night.

Yesterday afternoon, all three of my boys watched as the Detroit Lions played.

(My husband has been a Lions fan longer than I’ve been alive. Yes, you read that right. Why did I think that my male offspring wouldn’t love football?)

Lord help me.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to me. I had at least two warnings.

The first was when Tom and I were dating. He would spend HOURS on Saturday in front of the TV. I would watch it with him, trying to appreciate the game (and trying not fall asleep).

After the start of the THIRD football game that same day, I had reached my FQ (e.g., Football Quotient) and finally decided to go home.

He may have noticed.

The second was when we were on our honeymoon. There was a little sign in the gift shop at the resort we stayed at. It read:

“We temporarily interrupt this marriage to bring you football season.”

I chuckled and showed it to him; he read it and laughed.

And then I remembered something.

To a true fan (short for FANATIC – you knew that right?)

There is no off-season.

If only I had known…


<me thinking about the bright side>

Well, it could be worse…I could be married to this guy, right?



<wait a minute…that might be Tom in a few more years>


SO, I just gotta know…is anyone else out there a football widow? (Er, um, what other sport is going on now…baseball, perhaps?)

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  1. Hey Kim –
    I have been meaning to respond to this for awhile now. You see, my dad was the varsity football coach for 37 years. So every August when practice would start my mom hung up a hand-stitched gift she got that read “We interupt this marriage to bring you the football season.” And oh how true that was. Not only did my dad enjoy watching football as much as Tom – but he had practice every night, games on Saturday afternoons, and then sunday nights after the packer games all the coaches came to our house to watch film from Saturday’s game – and then the cycle would start all over again. He still watches football games as much as possible. So I will keep my eye out for one of those signs for you!! 🙂

    • Oh Sarah, I had forgotten that your dad was a football coach. I’m sure you can definitely relate to that sign! And, your mother is an absolute saint. Problem is…I’m raising not one, but TWO football fanatics. They love to both watch and play the game – and then of course they bicker the entire time! Sigh…

      • Yeah – if they take after your husband that won’t be good. He is ruthless when it comes to football. You should hear how nasty he is to me when it comes to my Packers. He hates them and said he is going to teach his boys to hate them too – naughty!! 🙂 LOL I just laugh. And then he tells me how competitive the boys are and I say, “gee – wonder where they get that from.” Yeah – good luck in the years to come. But just think of how cool it will be standing out on the football field on parents night when they introduce you and your two boys! You will be such a proud football mama!! 🙂

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