End of Summer Closet Cleanout

You’ve probably heard before that we wear only about 20 percent of the clothes we have 80 percent of the time.


I put my new full-length mirror to good use and decided to try on every.single.thing in my closet – everything – to see if it fits and if I still like it.

That was a very telling experience.

I got rid of anything that:

  • didn’t fit anymore
  • was uncomfortable
  • wasn’t flattering
  • I hardly ever wore
  • wasn’t the right color
  • I just plain didn’t love
I also made sure that every item left could work with at least two other pieces of clothing I already owned.
That left me with this:
Several pairs of pants and jeans, a few skirts, some tops and a jacket. A number of which were designer – the Banana Republic denim skirt, Ralph Lauren dark wash jeans that looked great about 12 pounds ago, the dress pants with the funny back pockets that added girth, etc. Almost all were thrifted or from a garage sale.
It didn’t take me that long to do either – just about one hour broken up into two parts.
Then I noticed something:  my closet breathes a lot easier now and so do I.
It’s easier to find things and I seem to be wearing more of my stuff.
A few days later, I did the same thing with my purses and shoes. Anything that I never carried or that hurt my feet was gone – even my beloved Enzo shoes – and suddenly I had enough room for all of my shoes without crowding.
That’s a far cry from me contemplating buying another shoe rack just to hold them all!
How about you? Do you wear everything in your closet? Or, could you bless someone else by donating what you don’t love or wear?
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  1. This summer – took everything out of my closet to add organizers (instead of the. 1 wire rack at eye level) and realized – had clothes that didn’t fit, too many pairs of brown pants and clothes I LOVED, but never wore. Took bags to savers, and I can find stuff, and it is all on hangers (instead of piled on top of the clothes on hangers).

    • Yea for finding clothes you loved but never wore. It’s (almost) like getting a brand new wardrobe!

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