Meet the Mister

Hi everyone!

We have a new little addition to our family. Meet our nameless cat:

He is only three months old. And there’s a story. (Of course).

A man noticed a cat in a parking lot begging for food so he fed her. She did that pretty regularly and got bigger and bigger until one day, she was normal size again. He followed her and saw that she had five kittens. When they were about eight weeks old he took the mama cat and the kittens to a shelter. He ended up keeping the mama cat and having her spade. The kittens went to the house of a woman my husband works with. Next thing  I know, I’m standing in the pet section of Walmart trying to pick out cat toys… 

He is very sweet, but also very, very skittish. He is definitely warming up to me, though:)

So, will you help me name him?

My son, Jack, suggested Percy. “You know, mom, like Purrr-cy,” he said. What a clever little fella.

Charlie is in the lead so far, but I also like Max or Sam. My last cat was named Alex, so that name is out.

Seriously, if you have a great name for this little guy, please share!

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  1. Here’s our vote…Zach says Charlie, Caty thinks most definately Sammy, Ellie says ‘I don’t know’ 🙂 I used to have a cat named Sammy, so I like that too. 🙂 He’s a very pretty kitty.

  2. i luv the name Oliver then of course nic name Ollie. he is adorable

    • Ooooh, I hadn’t thought of that one. Not too long ago, we read Oliver Twist and I remember I really liked that name. Thanks for commenting:)

  3. I also like Sam. My cousins had a tiger cat named Sam…well actually his full name was “Yosimine(sp?) Sam”. I don’t know, he just looks like a Sam or Sammy to me:). He is so cute!

    • I like Sam, too. In fact, Samuel was one of the names we tossed around for our boys!!

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