Happiness is…

I picked these from my tiny backyard garden the other day. There is something so satisfying about stepping outside your door and picking some fresh vegetables.

Lately, my go-to lunch has been a grilled tomato and cheese sandwich. As I was cutting into one of those big red beautiful tomatoes still warm from the sun, I couldn’t help tearing up because that slice of tomato reminded me of my papa.

He grew up as one of eleven children in a very rural, very poor farming family in the back hills of Virginia. His school burned to the ground when he was in fourth grade. The town was so poor that it was never rebuilt so he went to work on the family farm. He knew a lot about growing food.

I remember asking him one time to tell me a story from his childhood. He simply looked at me with a sly smile and a twinkle in his eye and said, “Kim, we growed everything we ate.”

He was a simple man who was very content and grateful for whatever he had. He encouraged me to start a garden. I won’t buy any other variety but “Big Boy” tomatoes because that’s what he always grew.  

Looking at that tomato made me miss him terribly.

Looking down at the tomato I grew, I felt a strange and wonderful connection to him. And all I could think of was, “my papa would be so proud.”

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  1. I’m visiting from Gratituesday.
    What a touching post! I plant Autumn Joy sedum in my yard. It’s one of the ugliest flowers out, in my opinion. But every year it pops up and reminds me of my late grandmother. I love how connecting with the earth can connect us to those who have passed on.

    • Hi there! I loved hearing your connection as well, thank you so much for sharing. I’d like to think your grandmother would chuckle if she knew:)

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