Old School Cool

Yesterday was the first day of third grade for us.

(THIRD grade? My boys are growing up so fast!)

One of my goals as a homeschool mom is to make learning as fun as possible. Even geography. And yes, even math.

And since we spend so much time in this room, I figure it should be both fun and functional. So I’ve been feverishly working in our school room the last couple of weeks.

Because I’m a vintage girl at heart, my theme was a no brainer:  vintage schoolroom.

Here is our newly enlarged chalkboard:

Lots of storage – check out those globes. The biggest and smallest were from Goodwill, $5 and $1, respectively).

More storage. Vintage books and a few toys mixed in to keep things interesting:

Here is a close up of the perpetual calendar in the upper right, $2.50 from Target in the dollar spot:

Vintage chairs and desks – complete with brand new school supplies:

Note that I had to turn the desks around to face the front. Professional teachers already knew that two boys facing each other wouldn’t work – it was just too distracting. Too many giggles and bodily function noises…ahh, life with boys and eight-year-old boy humor…

Classic-style clock ($10 from Walmart, but alas, I keep forgetting to put a battery in it) and an old-fashioned schedule:


So there you have it – some of the elements that make it look a little bit vintage. All done on a very small budget. But all three of us are happy to have such a nice space to learn. Even if we are studying math:)


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