Half off at Goodwill TODAY and a couple of past finds

Good morning!

I forgot about this until I looked at the calendar yesterday…today is the last Saturday of the month and that means most things are half off! Policies might vary from store to store, but generally in my area anything with a green sticker – all the clothes, housewares, furniture, books, toys – is 50 percent off. Anything with a white (new goods) or pink sticker (Treasure Chest items) are NOT included in the sale.

Not sure if I will make it there today (darn) as I will have both kiddos in tow. When you are thrifting, remember this equation:

Kids + Thrifting = Automatic Frustration

It’s not the kids’ fault; it’s just hard to dig for deals with two little people trailing behind you. Ask me how I know;)

OK, let me show you a couple of the things I’ve picked up recently. This falls under the category of ‘accidental collections’, but this time in a good way!

First up is this copper airplane music box.

I bought this for $6 or $7 earlier this year. It fits in perfectly with the “vintage transportation” theme of my boys’ room. Plus, it plays, “Dream the Impossible Dream.” Way cool.

Of course, in the back of my mind was the question, “Which kid does this belong to?” I thought it should by Joey’s, only because he loves planes, especially bi-planes.

Glad I didn’t have to go there when I spied this just a couple of weeks ago. Meet the plane’s long lost cousin, Tin Lizzie:

She is also made out of copper and plays an unidentifiable song. She was marked $10, but had been there WAY longer than 21 days, meaning she was $5. Sold. This one will go to Jack, since he really loves cars – especially race cars.

God help me.

So, have you found any great deals lately? thrifted or otherwise? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hi Kim –
    I finally made it to Goodwill today for the 50% sale. It was my first time (not to GW but to the last Sat sale.) I had three kids in tow so I didn’t have tons of time but we found some great deals. Just to name a few – Audrey got a mom & daughter’s devotional bible which was in like new condition for $1 ($16.99 price on back) and Ava got a pair of Old Navy 3/4 length jeans/capris that looked like they’ve never been worn and a pair of Children’s Place jeans both for $2! All in all we walked out spending $15 for 2 bags full of stuff. That $15 was a good number too because when we left there our next stop was Target to return a pair of jeans we recently bought. Guess how much they were? Yep, $15 for that one pair. When I told that to the girls and they saw how much we got for the same amount both of their eyes got so big 🙂 Anyway, as you might be able to tell I was just a little excited about the deals today. Thanks for always putting this reminder out there!!

    Also, I just LOVE the vintage transportation theme you have going in the boys’ room. I may need some ideas here in a few years 😉 Seriously, it looks awesome!!

    • Wow, Christy, that is amazing – both braving a busy thrift store with three children AND getting all those good deals! Sometimes I go and there is nothing, but then other times, I load up. I’m glad it worked out for you. And yes, when the time comes we’ll cook up something amazing for your littlest “A”!

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