I’ve been a busy girl…

My husband took our boys on a short camping trip last weekend, giving me some much-needed time to myself. Like two days and two nights.

Yeah, I married a good man.

I used part of my time to plan out the first four weeks of our second year of homeschooling. I did that, plus I worked in our school room, just purging, sorting and organizing. The biggest challenge was finally tackling all of the paper piles that were beyond out of control. My plan is to turn the closet that once upon a time was my old office into some serious toy storage. It’s not finished yet, but is well on its way. Of course, I’ll share pictures once it’s ready.

The rest of the time was split between cleaning out our refrigerator, painting an old TV cabinet for my new office a BRIGHT color (more on that later), shampooing carpet, thrifting a bit, hanging out with a girlfriend and then stocking up on groceries to welcome the whole crew home. Go me!

Doing all of that, however, meant I was a bad blogger. Please forgive me:(

<Want to hear something funny?…You may remember our last camping trip. You know,  the one that at best could only be described as miserable? Well, this time around, Tom purposely picked a certain campground because it has a strict 24 hour quiet hour rule. Little did he know that not a half mile down the road was the site of a yearly bluegrass festival. On the same weekend. With the stage FACING the campground. Oh no? Oh yes. Needless to say, my man was NOT a happy camper. It probably didn’t help matters when I tried to get him to look on the bright side…at least it wasn’t Kid Rock, right? He’ll think that was funny later. But, talk about irony!>

Now the boys are back in town and I have 14 – yes 14 – loads of laundry done to prove it.

I really enjoyed my time, though I missed them and am glad they are home.

Empty refrigerator, full washing machine and all!

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