Front Porch Perk Up

You may remember that I gave our little patio a perk up earlier this summer.

Well, the front porch got a little jealous so I decided to make it over, too;)

Actually, it was more out of necessity.

We had two chairs (no table) on our even littler front porch, but they were starting to become hazardous! See Exhibit A:

Normally I would try to fix something before I replaced it, but this one had me stumped. The “fabric” is actually plastic that was unraveling because of both age and years of sun exposure.

A couple of weeks ago, I went into World Market for a $3 package of vanilla beans, but I became distracted by a cute bistro set out front on deep clearance. It was $69 for two wooden chairs and a little table. It was also the very last one. Perfect timing since our other chairs couldn’t be salvaged.

<enter Jeopardy music>

The woman at the store offered to put it on hold for me for two hours so I could think about it.

I ended up going back to get it and I’m so glad I did. Here is the after:

 Um, I told you our porch was tiny!!

This space is important to us because my husband sits out there every morning as he reads a chapter in his Bible and drinks his coffee. On Saturday mornings, our ritual is to sit out there together and talk while the boys watch cartoons. (Thank you, Jesus, for Saturday morning cartoons!)

What bargains have you stumbled upon lately? Do share:)

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  1. Oh my bargains of late… a $200 bunk bed for $80, clothes for free at a garage sale, & a $120 hotel room for $77. I think I may be a little proud.

    • Wow, those are some fabulous deals, girl! I wouldn’t say that is being proud. I often think that God is so gracious and interested in every detail of our lives that he allows others to bless us or puts great deals in our path at just the right time. God is so good!!

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