Nature’s Bounty

I have a little garden in our backyard.

My plants are lovin’ all the water we’ve been getting lately along with the hot, humid weather. They’ve rewarded me nicely, with super sweet grape tomatoes:

and flavorful cucumbers (nothing like the tasteless ones sprayed with wax from the grocery store):

Tip: the guy on the far right is really almost too big to eat. Ideally, it’s best to pick cucumbers when they are smaller, because the bigger ones are mostly seeds.

I’m honestly not a green thumb. But, I have learned a couple of things along the way.

Like the fact that a small garden isn’t really that much work.

I bought some small plants at the beginning of the season. My husband tilled up the area and added some peat and manure (what a guy)! Then I planted Big Boy tomatoes (my papa’s favorite variety), grape tomatoes for the boys, cucumbers and green peppers. I water somewhat regularly, spend 15 minutes a week pulling weeds and sprinkle some fertilizer on the plants once a month.

All I have to do is walk out into our backyard and fresh homegrown veggies are waiting for me. It reduces our grocery bill a bit and my fellas get to see where real food comes from.

Plus, you can’t get much fresher than that!

How about you – do you have a garden? If so, what do you grow?

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