You know you’re a camping newbie when…

  • all of your gear is still in its original packaging when you get to the site
  • when you find your site, you have to call and ask the office where to put the tent (Tom gave me that job, what a guy!)
  • you get a wicked tricep workout pumping up a queen and two twin mattresses using only a hand pump
  • you have to read the directions to learn how to light the portable camp stove
  • you realize there’s a reason why they’re called “biting” flies

You see, earlier this week, we were city folk on an adventure to the primitive land known only as KOA.

We’d been camping before, but this time, it was just my husband and I and our two boys.

No extended family of veteran campers, no RV with air conditioning, a kitchen, a bathroom and satellite TV.

We were in a tent.

In July.

During an Excessive Heat Warning.

The “hottest July on record” is what the newscast said, I believe.

We’d been planning this vacation as a great way to start a new tradition and bond as a family. On Tuesday morning right before we were to leave, we seriously debated whether or not we should go.

But in the end we decided to tough it out.

Here is the good:

  • There was a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the game room.
  • The tent didn’t leak during the unexpected torrential downpour thunderstorm the first night.
  • Aside from the initial investment of the equipment, it was a pretty inexpensive vacation.

The bad:

  • It was HOT.
  • “Volcanic” might be a better way to describe it, actually.
  • We all were tired, grumpy, sweaty, stinky and sunburned.
  • Plenty of blood thirsty mosquitoes – and, oh yes, biting flies.

And the downright ugly:

  • The crystal clear pool (read:  our only chance of cooling refreshment and um, survival) was located right next to the ginormous dumpster full of smelly rotting garbage.

Yes, I tend to have a bit of a cynical sense of humor. Guilty as charged. I do also like to laugh and look on the bright side of things.

So, here goes.

We wanted to bond as a family and we did. Plus, our inaugural camping trip makes for a great story. And we can laugh about it now.

But the best part of all was when one of our kids said as we were leaving for home, “I had so much fun. This was the best camping trip EVVVVEEERRRR!”

Know what?

He’s right.

We can’t wait to go again.

When it’s like a full 30 degrees cooler, that is!


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  1. I have been wondering how your camping trip went. It is a bummer about the heat. Tom has been soooo excited about this trip. I hope you do want to go camping again – maybe with us next time. 🙂

    • It honestly wasn’t all bad. I hope I didn’t sound completely negative. I was honestly trying to tell myself to rejoice in ALL things. I’m sure we’ll go camping again sometime – it would just have to be much cooler:)

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