A Giant Dose of Perspective

We’ve been without hot water for almost two weeks.


Boiling water on the stove and dumping it into the bathtub Ma Ingalls style gets old really, really quick – especially, when there are four people in your family.

Luckily, it’s summer, so our boys were more than content to run through the sprinkler in between baths.

Oh, to be a kid again.

But I will say this…being without hot water has given us an appreciation for all of the modern conveniences we do have that many in the rest of the world never miss because they go without every day.

Essential needs like food, clothing, shelter and basic medical care.

Why do we in the United States have so much while others in the world have so little?

It’s a question I often wrestle with. The only answer that I can come up with is that God owns it all and He distributes it the way He pleases.

My Sears-repairman father graciously offered to fix our hot water heater for us for the cost of the part.

On his one and only day off a week.

Did I mention we live an hour away from him?

Thank you, dad, for sacrificing your time to fix it for us.

And thank you, my heavenly Father, for giving me a giant dose of perspective in the process.

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