A Slipcover Trick

Do you remember when I tried to make my own slipcovers, gave up and ordered two online?

Well, I love the ones I bought. And I’m not sorry that I ordered them.


(you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

With two very active  boys in the house, the slipcovers end up looking like this:


Lovely, I know.

So I acted like a big nerd and broke out the instructions that came with them thought of a creative way to get the slipcovers to stay put.

Do you know this trick?

Just take a wooden spoon and use it to stuff the extra fabric back in the creases. Start with the back…

Then move on to the sides:

For some strange reason, it works 100 times better than using your hand.

So with a wooden spoon and about two minutes, this:

Looks like this:

Who knew?

Of course, it probably won’t stay like this for long:)

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  1. Hey Kim –
    We used to have slipcovers on our old couch and there is indeed a trick to keeping them tucked in after you use the spoon. Use old magazines and roll them up tight and wrap with rubberbands and then stuff them down around the chair and couch and it will absolutely help them stay!!!!

    • Ooooh, good one! I will definitely try that trick because (sigh) now they are messy again!

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