My Blonde Moment

I was running some errands by myself last Saturday morning and realized I was low on gas.

So I pull in front of the pump, swipe my card and proceed to fill my vehicle.

At that moment, I happened to look up and see the big yellow and green sign that says, “Diesel”.

And I panicked inside.

I quickly stopped the pump and wondered what to do.

I couldn’t believe that I was so scatter-brained that I accidentally filled our UNLEADED GAS ONLY vehicle with diesel fuel.

I had visions of me trying to syphon out the diesel fuel so our car wouldn’t be completely ruined.

There was a middle-aged woman in a mini van on the opposite side of the pump who was filling up her vehicle.  I looked at her with wide-eyes and said to her, “Do you know that this is a diesel pump?”

She looked at me, then looked at the diesel pump and said, “The left side is diesel. The right side is unleaded. The diesel pump is bigger so it wouldn’t fit in your tank.”

I glanced again at the pump and saw that she was right.

My first thought was, “Phew! I didn’t just ruin our car by filling it up with diesel fuel.”

My next thought was, “This woman thinks I’m an idiot.”

I sheepishly mumbled something about the diesel fuel engineers being really smart and then went on my merry way.

So that was my blonde moment. And I’m not even remotely blonde.

Maybe I need to slow down a little bit…and take the time to laugh at myself!

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  1. Ok, this can’t be a recent picture? 1.99 for gas? 🙂

    • You’re right, it isn’t. Got it off the internet because I didn’t have my camera with me. Even if I did, I wanted to get out of there quickly. Hey, maybe the clerks at the gas station at least got a laugh out of my snafu!

  2. This is funny. But I’m not sure it’s as much as a blonde thing as a woman thing.

    • OK, maybe it’s just a MOM thing…though I did chuckle because (wait for it) you’re blonde;) heehee

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