The Schedule – Morning Details

Yesterday, I shared my summer schedule with you.

Ya know, now that it’s July and all.

In case you were wondering what we do for Bible, character training, etc., here is some more info and ideas:

Bible reading

I didn’t know where to start, so reading the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the day of the month seemed to make sense. You could also read from a Bible story book. Mighty Acts of God by Starr Meade is an excellent choice for kindergarten age and up. It’s made such a difference not only in our boys, but also in our family. We’re getting even more out of it during our second time through.

Scripture memory

I pick one verse a week and write it on the little chalkboard in our kitchen. My guys write it out on a piece of paper each day which also sneaks in some handwriting practice! As I bonus, I memorize the verses, too.


We focus on one hymn per week. I sing a verse or two and Jack and Josiah join in on the chorus. When all of us are singing together, I have to laugh. Let’s just say that the verse about making a joyful noise unto the Lord applies here as we create a new key!

Last week, we chose “Trust and Obey” from a very old hymn book. It goes along perfectly with the next thing, which is character training.

Character training

 First and foremost is obedience. It’s what God requires from ALL of us, not just the kids. Essentially, I will ask one kid to do something, ranging from, “Go put on your flip flops” to “Could you get the mail for me, please?” No matter wha I ask, they are to say, “Yes, mom” and then do it.

They LOVE this part. Seriously.

I think  giving out an M&M each time they do what I ask cheerfully helps. Try not to judge me:)

Morning chore

The idea here is that the chore would change each week. For instance, Josiah helped me unload the dishwasher last week, while Jack swept the dining area and kitchen. This week, the chores would switch or I’d pick a new one. Either way, I like that they are learning to be responsible. A bonus is that I don’t have to do it all myself. One Christian speaker has a rule in his household, “If you can walk, you can work.”

Hmmm. Children equals free labor. Works for me.

Practice instrument

Getting my kids to practice used to be like pulling teeth.

Let me see here…didn’t each one of them come to us and ask if they could learn how to play music? Joey wanted a guitar for a solid year before we said yes. (We weren’t being mean, we just wanted to make sure he was serious about it). Same with Jack who kept asking if he could play drums.

I finally figure out that setting aside a time in the day, preferably the morning, worked wonders. What also helps is leaving the instrument out and ready to go.

Now, instead of us threatening to cancel their private music lessons because they never practiced, they each practiced at least four times last week. I’m lovin’ it!

School subject

This sounds like such a drag, but it’s actually pretty fun. I assigned one subject to each day during the week:

Monday – Math

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Park/playdate

Friday – Nature

We do something quick and fun. For example, last Monday we counted some money (practical math). Tuesday, I asked them to draw a picture of the flag for Independence Day (art). On Wednesday, we raced empty coke cans using two balloons and some static electricity (science). Thursday, we had a playdate with our homeschool group and on Friday, we walked a local nature trail. (We even saw two deer. In the middle of a city park. Near a working railroad track). Amazing.

All this to say, there is freedom in having some sort of schedule.

That’s something I didn’t believe until I finally sat down to try it.

The benefits have far outweighed the effort that went into making a schedule

  • our house is cleaner (with less effort as my kids are helping)
  • the pace is calmer (because we all know what is expected and what we’re doing next)
  • we’re spending more quality time together – time that has eternal significance, such as the Bible reading and character training
  • we haven’t stopped learning (one quick subject each day is all it takes)
  • we still have time for plenty of fun (multiple rounds of Uno and a spontaneous root beer float on a hot summer day, anyone?)

Is it perfect?


Did we do exactly what we said we would every single day?


But we did manage to do four days in a row, which I thought was pretty darn good for our first week!

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