A To-Do List You’ll Actually Want To Do

Here’s the scene.

Son #2: “Mommmmm, I’m B O R E D.”

Me:  “Hello, um it’s BEAUTIFUL outside. Go play!”

Son #1 (in a most whiney voice), “It’s too hot.”

Me: “Sheesh!”

What’s a mom to do? That’s it! To do. Come up with a list of fun things to do this summer!

No less than 30 seconds later, their lists were done.

Somehow I thought that would keep them occupied for much longer.

Me:  “Hmmmm, how would you like to make your list on the computer?” As in my new laptop that, until now, they’ve only been allowed to look at – from a distance. I’m a brave and desperate woman indeed.

So I typed up their individual lists on my computer and then showed them how to change the font size, type and color. They loved this idea – and I loved it because it kept them busy for quite a while! What is it with men and electronics?

All that to say, here is what Jack wants to do this summer:

and here is what Joey wants to do this summer:

Because I’m a kid at heart, I made one, too:

Hmmm…I’ve already missed picking strawberries. I did pick lots of strawberries at the local grocery store so I’m going to count that (heehee). And we’ve already been camping at Yogi and made some smores. So we’re off to a good start.

What’s on your list?

Take a moment (whiney kids or not) and think about how you’d like to spend the rest of your summer before it’s gone.

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