Note to Moms…Punch Out!

Not as in…

  • punch out your husband when he asks, “What’s for dinner?” after you just walked in the door from work and he’s been home for two hours already.
  • punch out the person talking on the phone while driving who almost succeeds in killing both you and your children.

I mean “punch out” as in set a time to be done with your housework for the day and then be done with it. Simply treat your responsibilities at home just as you would your responsibilities working a job outside the home.

Go here with me for a second.

At a job outside the home, there is a definite start and end time. Even if you don’t punch a physical time clock, you still stop working at a preset time.

So it begs the question, “Why couldn’t you do the same for your housework?”

Please note I’m NOT suggesting that you refuse to feed your baby or read a story to your little one after 5 p.m. Parenting is a 24/7 job.

What I am suggesting is that you plan to be done with the cooking and cleaning responsibilities at a certain time and then walk away.

I recently began finishing up my home responsibilities by a certain time and I have to say I like it.

I like it “ah-lawt”. (Name that movie).

It gives me an incentive to work hard to finish what I need to for the day. After that, I am free to go and enjoy my family

No more thinking, “I’ll just start a quick load of laundry” or “I’ll just handwash these few dishes in the sink.”

Instead, I give myself permission to stop working at a given time and start spending some quality time with my husband and sons.

Let’s face it – there will always be more to do. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc., will unfortunately always be there.

But time with my precious family may not.

Hmmm…what do you know? I think it’s time for me to punch out:)

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