You win some…

…you lose some.

I tried to make a slipcover for our beloved purple floral chair

and it

Do I hate the chair?

Oh no.

Seriously, if anything happened to my husband and I we would fight over our sons and THIS CHAIR. It’s so comfortable and I still love the pattern – even after twelve (yes twelve) years.

So why do I want to slipcover it so badly?

It’s really starting to show a lot of wear:

So I checked out this book at the library

and looked at several blog tutorials on slipcovers and then proceeded to make a royal mess in the living room with all of my parts, pieces and pins strewn all over.

At last the time came to admit my defeat.

Then I did what anyone else in my situation would do…I ordered slipcovers from

Two minutes and $78 later (plus free shipping!) a slipcover for my purple chair and green loveseat are now on their way to my house.

All’s well that ends well, I guess!

So what about you? Have you failed miserably at a home project? If so, please share so I know that I’m not the only one:)

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  1. The curtains in our bedroom are terribly uneven. This was my very first project as a wife.

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