I broke all my own rules

Last Thursday, I went to a park with some other moms and their kids. When it was time to go, my son’s baseball that he just got for Easter was absolutely nowhere to be found.

Me, wanting to be a good mom, offered to pick up another baseball and bat set at Aldi for $6.

An easy task, right?

Walk into Aldi, pick up a ball and bat, pay for it and leave.


Three bags of groceries and $37 later, we leave.

How did that happen?

I broke my own rule…I didn’t stick to my list.


Now, granted, everything I bought we could eat – except for the ball and bat, of course. And the toilet paper.

But it’s just so easy to spend money without even thinking about it!

The moral of the story is this: forget your mistakes, but remember what they taught you. That is something that my childhood Sunday School teacher told me and I’ve never forgotten it.

So, I’m forgetting about the fact that I impulsively spent, but I’m remembering the lesson I learned:

Always stick to my list.

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  1. i had to pick up a prescription at sams club today… and besides my sons snack at the cafe i only purchased the drugs. i still cant believe it! there seems to ALWAYS be something i could get at sams club. but i restrained myself.
    ive done what you have done so many times. and we always seem to eat it or use it but for the most part it isnt necessary, right?

    thanks for sharing.

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