Natural Easter Egg Dyes. Gone Very Wrong.

QUESTION: “What on earth is she making?!”

ANSWER: “A royal mess”.

I’m a vintage girl, right? We’ve established that. This means (most of the time) I prefer to do things the old-fashioned way.

So I thought I’d appreciate dyeing Easter eggs using produce. Like shredded red cabbage and yellow onion skins.


It started off promising.

Just look at this gorgeous shade of blue:

Or, how about this deep golden amber? So pretty.

This is the picture next to the recipe in the magazine:

I followed the directions EXACTLY, I swear.

But this is what my eggs look like:

Go ahead and laugh. I did!

It looks like a dinosaur is going to crawl out of one of the blue eggs any minute!


I feel like I should be apologizing to some chickens, or something.

And so dear friends, the moral of the story is this…

If you get the urge to dye your Easter eggs using only all-natural ingredients – DON’T.

Or, if you do, don’t use this recipe in the April issue of Country Living magazine.


  1. Clean up the big mess you just made in the kitchen.
  2. Explain to your children that sometimes in life things don’t always work out.
  3. Go get yourself one of these:

…at the dollar store, which your kids will have more fun with anyway.

Eat some chocolate and call it a day.

And I so wanted to use my $2 vintage egg plate.


I linked this post up to Tasty Tuesday at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

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