Vintage-Inspired Laundry Sign

I really like my laundry room…

but that big space at the top really bothered me. It just needed a little somethin’.

So I thought I’d try to make a vintage-inspired sign…and I did!

It really wasn’t that hard to do. Here’s how:

Gather your supplies

Grab a cart and head to the lumber department of your local Home Depot. Walk confidently like you know what you’re doing:)

Look for a 1 x 12 board (translated 1″ thick, 12″ wide). In our town, it was on the bottom shelf for $6.36. Mine was four-feet long.

Put it in your cart. (Or, hobble around the store trying to balance carrying a four-foot long 1×12 along with a quart of paint and other painting supplies, plus a very large bag that your husband happens to call a “suitcase” slung over your shoulder).

Not that I did that or anything.

Paint the wood

Cover your work area (in this case my dining room table) with newspapers.

Grab three can goods.

Yes, you read that right.

Spread them out and set your wood on top of them and paint away. I used chalkboard paint.

While the paint dries…

Work  on the lettering

Since this was for my laundry room, I was uber-creative and chose the word, “Laundry”. Impressive, I know. I used Baskerville Old Face font, sized 499, because MS Word wouldn’t let me go any bigger. Then I just taped the letters together.

Transferring the lettering onto the wood is the coolest trick.

Take your pencil and trace the outline of each letter on the back side.

Flip it over and center your lettering on your wood. You may want to tape the ends of your paper to your wood just so they stay in place.

Then, take your pencil and trace your letters again on the right side.

Obviously, you don’t even need a steady hand for this project!

When you are done tracing all of the letters, you’ll be left with a faint outline of your letters on your wood.

It’s hard to see, but it’s an “L”. Pretty neat trick, eh?

Fill in with chalk

I filled in my letters with chalk so if I want it to say something else in the future, all I need to do is erase it and start again. If you want something more permanent, you can take a small paint brush and paint each letter.

You could either leave the outline or fill it in. I chose to fill it in.

Hang it up

Hanging it wasn’t that hard either. I bought some of these:

I used three to hang them: one in the middle and one on each of the ends. My sweet husband used drywall screws to hang it on the wall for me.


Ahhh…much better!

I linked this up to Frugal Friday at The Shabby Nest and

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