Make a Moss Initial

Have you seen these moss letters from Pottery Barn?

They are very cool, but they are also $79. Each.


Granted they are large and made from LIVE moss, but still.

$79 to me is a good portion of my weekly grocery budget!

I didn’t really think anything more about it until I was in the dollar store last night and saw this:

Yep. Only $1.

I didn’t have a chipboard “C” (highly recommended), but I attempted to make one anyway.

I printed out our initial in a font I liked. I used Bookman Old Style, font size 499. I would’ve made it even bigger, but MS Word wouldn’t let me.

To make the initial, I just cut out the letter, flipped it over and then traced around it with a sharpie on the backside of the sheet moss:

After I cut out the letter, it was a little too flimsy. (Read:  Learn from my impatience…if you do this, you’ll really want to use a chipboard letter)!

To make it sturdier, I traced the same letter onto a thin piece of cardboard. It will work, but it’s still not as thick as I’d like.

This is what you’ll end up with:

…plus a lot of stray moss. This project can get a little messy!

Then I broke out my trusty hot glue gun and attached it to the thin cardboard.

All I have left to do is to hang it up with some white ribbon – also from the dollar store.

I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to show you because it’s almost midnight as I write this and I don’t want to wake anyone up by hammering a nail into the wall!

edited to add: Here is the finished project. I decided it needed a bit of dressing up, so I hung it with an empty frame.

It’s new home is right by our front door.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out – and my only investment was $1 for the moss because I already had the hot glue, frame and ribbon.

What do ya think?

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  1. Morning Kim! I love this letter!! I may try Hobby Lobby today as I have a 40% off coupon and they have big wood letters and moss. Frames are 50% off too. I am also going to hang this by my entry way. I LOVE IT!!
    I actually came on here this morning to say HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY TO JOSIAH & JACK!!!

    • Love, love the Hob Lob. It’s my first choice for all things crafty. Send me a pic and let me know how it turns out! And thank you so much for the sweet happy birthday greeting. I wrote a post but I’m having oodles of trouble uploading photos. I think I might just post it anyway since their birthday is almost over…..:(

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