When There’s Too Much to Do…

…WADE on through.

I wish I would’ve come up with something so useful and clever. But alas, I did not. This is a list I saved from an article by organizing guru, Julie Morgenstern.

Since I’m feeling very overwhelmed as of late, I thought maybe someone else out there did too and wanted to share a formula that I use to get back on track.

W – Write it down

Record everything you have to do in one reliable location – your planner or to-do pad. Once you get into the habit of writing everything down in a single consistent location, you’ll stop worrying that you’re forgetting something, and you can actually concentrate on getting things done (emphasis mine).

A – Add it up

Estimate how long each task will take. Break large projects down into small parts for easier calculation. Everyday is a container that can only fit a certain number of tasks. So, you need to go beyond the questions “What do I need to do?” and ask, “How long will it take?”

D – Decide what you’ll actually do

In most cases, once you add up your tasks you’ll discover that you have many more tasks than time available. If overloaded, you can elect to apply the four D’s – delete, delay, delegate or diminish them into smaller, shorter tasks.

E – Execute your plan

Put your plan into action without being hindered by procrastination or perfectionism. There’s no point to making a plan if you aren’t going to implement it (emphasis mine). This means completing the tasks you set forth on the days you decide to do them. It also means starting and finishing projects when you say you will.

I’m starting at “W”.

I find that I always feel better after writing everything down on paper. More often than not, it doesn’t look so overwhelming.

Once I have a plan in place, I don’t have to worry that I’m missing something important. It’s out of my head and onto the page.

I hope this helps you if you find, like me, you are doing too much and are overcommitted at the moment.

It’s just so hard to say “no” to the good. That will be the topic of a future post for sure:)

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