Fun (and Free) Ideas for a Snow Day

We are in the middle of a nasty storm here in Michigan. Everything is closed. No one is on the road. Trees are laden with thick layers of ice and many people are without power.

Here are a few ideas to help you pass the time. Pick one or two and vow not to let the winter storm steal your fun. Enjoy your time with the kiddos (or without) by simply taking the day off. Whatever you had planned can wait:)

1. Read a book to your kids. Or, better yet, have them “read” to you. Cuddle up and lose yourself in a great story. If your kids groan and roll their eyes at the idea of picking up (gasp) a real book, then ask them to act it out. You may be surprised at what they come up with.

2. Build a fort. Inside, that is. Pull the couches together and drape blankets over them. Grab a flashlight (and see #1).

3. Make a treat. No bake cookies are simple and easy to make. Take some over to your next door neighbor and make his or her day.

4. Break out the board games. Sorry, Uno or Chutes and Ladders for the younger set are all classics for good reason.

5. Ditto for puzzles. Clear off a coffee table, work together and see how far you get. You may be surprised at how much your littles are able to do.

6. Draw or color something. Get the coloring books and crayons out. (Moms, too) and be a kid again for a little while. Your kids will love it and I bet you might even find it relaxing.

7. Dream a little. Make a wish list of things you’d like to do this summer. Want to go camping? Host a backyard picnic? Gather blueberries? Plant a small garden? Visit the beach? Go to a drive-in movie? Plan a road trip to see some old friends that have moved away.

If you don’t have kids (or if your school or day care isn’t closed, I still urge you to take the day off if you can.

Can you:(not my junk drawer)

1. Organize something. Even if it’s as small as one drawer or cleaning out your purse, you’ll instantly feel better and in more control.

2. Get started on a project you’ve been putting off. For me, this was setting up a system for storing and organizing my digital photos. I just started and now it is almost done. And you know what? It wasn’t nearly as daunting as I was making it out to be. If you need some organizing inspiration, check out IHeartOrganizing, where the above image came from.

3. Clean something. What has been neglected lately? The stovetop? the bathtub? Pick one thing, put on some rubber gloves and make it sparkle.

4. Paint your nails. After you’ve finished #3, of course! Even if it’s the dead of winter, I always feel more feminine and pretty if my toes are painted.

5. Write an encouraging note to a friend or your pastor.

6. Cook ahead for the freezer. That way, all you’ll have to do is pop it into the oven when the crazy busy pace of life starts back up.

7. Plan out a couple of achievable goals you’d like to accomplish over the next couple of months. For me, it is cleaning out my arch enemy – the basement. Everything that doesn’t have a home collects there and then multiplies. This year, I’m going to sort, purge, clean and then craft a simple way to store only the stuff we need so that it doesn’t get that bad again.

If all else fails, allow yourself to be bored. Boredom is good. Sometimes that’s when the most creative things of all happen:)

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