No-Sew Decorating Ideas Using Sheets

Most people use sheets to cover and protect their mattress. So do we.

But I also use plain ‘ol flat sheets in other ways to decorate our home.

Why? Because they are versatile. And cheap. In fact, don’t think of them as merely sheets…think of them as large pieces of already-hemmed fabric.

Oh yeah.

I get mine at Walmart where you can buy  just one sheet. The twin flat sheet is $4 and the full sheet is $6. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Not. too. shabby.

So when it comes to sheets, from now on think beyond the mattress.

Sheets can be:

Curtains, $8 for the set

Two twin flat white sheets became our bedroom curtains. Simply fold them down at the top and use clip rings to hang them from your curtain rod.I also have a navy “curtain” hanging in my boys’ room.

Bed skirt, $4

All I did was lay a flat navy blue sheet down on the bunkboard and put the mattress on top. A perfect, no-sew solution to hide all that lurks underneath:)

Tablecloth, $6

OK, this doesn’t really depict what I wanted to show you (I took this photo for a different purpose). However, just imagine laying a decorative tablecloth over a plain sheet in a coordinating color.

I’ve done this with a queen sheet on several occasions and it really does dress the table up to make it a bit more formal and a bit more special.

Hope these ideas inspire you to find other inexpensive solutions to make your home even more beautiful:)

I linked up with the ever-talented Wendy from The Shabby Nest.

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  1. I think your curtains look great, I shall be looking out for those clip rings to see if we have them at our shops.

  2. Hi Kim!

    I am SO, SO excited. I needed curtains for Asher’s room and remembered this post. Walmart had the exact shade of baby blue that I needed for $5 each. They are now hanging with those little clips in his room. Thanks for sharing this idea! p.s. Do you have any good ideas/uses for those cute little bags the sheets come in?


    • Hi Christy – I’m so glad that you found the shade of blue you needed and for $5 each! Woohoo! I think of how God provides for us in both big ways and small ways. As for those little bags, I have them stashed in the top drawer of my boys’ dresser waiting for some inspiration. I would say that you can make a pocket holder for small toys and the like and hang it on the back of the driver or passenger’s seat. I’m thinking all you’d need to do is stitch a length of ribbon to each of the sides on the top of the bag and then tie them together around the headrest. I don’t know if this would work or not, but I might just give it a go!

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