Refresh Your Rooms: An Office Fairy Tale

Since this is the last post in the “Refresh Your Rooms” series, I thought I might do something a little different, a little unexpected.

(me taking a deep breath…here goes…)

ONCE UPON A TIME in the Land of Testosterone, there was a closet.

And in this closet was a lot of junk.

Far away a perpetually tired and hardworking mom, clothed in her daily uniform of a t-shirt and pair of jeans, dreamed of having a space to call her own.

But not just any space would do. Oh no.

This mom

needed an


One day as she was carrying the laundry to be put away through the Land of Testosterone, she stumbled upon a closet.

And it was filled with junk.

As she was rummaging through the closet for any stray socks and the missing sweatshirt in the Valley of Neglected Toys, she at once had an idea.

“What if I could turn this closet into an office just for me?” she thought to herself.

But alas, there was no fairy godmother or magic wand to make her wish come true.

So she rolled up her sleeves and went to work.

She cleared out piles of razor-sharp Legos and enough stuffed animals to open up a zoo. Rescue heroes and match box cars – too many to count – went on to a better place.

Petrified french fries, crumpled up wrappers – evidence of candy once stolen – and banana peels so old they were now fossils were all thrown away.

And at last the space was clear.

“Oh the possibilities!” she cried as she vacuumed the surviving dust bunnies away.

“A little found paint, a piece of plywood mounted to the walls for a desk…yes, yes, that will do just fine!” she exclaimed.

She did not leave that closet until she could see some progress and at last – all at once – her dream was taking shape right before her very eyes.

“I have a desk, but dear me, it is bare”. “I must dress it up” she said.

And dress it up she did.

Using her trusty sewing machine, she went to work fashioning a skirt out of some lovely floral fabric she found on sale – “the creatures in the Land of Testosterone do not like flowers at all” she said. “This should keep them out of my newfound space.”

“Now how to hang the fabric skirt?” she thought to herself.

Just then she had another idea…”I can reuse the old tension rod that the shower curtain used to hang on in the Master’s Bathroom.”

So proud of herself she was, she squealed with delight!

And then the Master of the Land of Testosterone appeared and said, “What are you doing, O Fairest One? Why don’t you share my office with me?” he offered, his blue-green eyes twinkling.

“Thank you for your kind offer, dear sir,” she said, “but I’ve been dreaming of an office with a door that I can call my own for so long and, well,” she paused, “I think I’ve found it in the Valley of Neglected Toys.”

“Very well,” he said as he hung his head and went back to playing with his dop-i.”

(that’s ‘i-pod’ spelled backwards, for those of you poor souls bored stiff, and yet still reading this)

And at once she went back to work transforming her desk area.

“This skirt I made will hide my filing cabinet, big ‘ol hard drive and a bunch of other stuff, too” so happy was she.

“Oh look at the shelves that hang up above!” she exclaimed.  “I can store all my clutter treasures in these darling fabric boxes and wooden baskets.”

binders and boxes and baskets, oh my!

“It’s coming together, oh, I can hardly wait,” she thought aloud.

Just as she was thinking of what a great personal escape this place would be, she heard two munchkins coming along named Jack and Jo-ey.

She shut the door to her space ever so quietly and stood very still, not even daring to breathe.

And at last the two munchkins were gone.

“If they see what I’m doing, they’ll want to claim this room for themselves,” she thought sadly.

“They’re gone,” she said. “Now I can finish up.”

In a whir of activity and a large puff of smoke, she went to work:

giving a cast-off chair a little bit of love,

making a notice board to help her remember what she otherwise would forget, 

transforming an old lamp,

hanging some of her favorite things on the wall,


then something wonderful happened…

“Was it true?”

“Could it be?”

“What once was a closet is now an office for…for…ME?” she said hoping beyond all hope.

As she stood up amidst the scraps of fabric, straightened out her wrinkled t-shirt, brushed the hair out of her eyes with a hot-glue-gun-burned finger and whispered,

“It’s beautiful.”

Without missing a beat, she began planning meals and making the weekly school schedule (for she was the teacher of all munchkins who dwell in the Land of Testosterone).

So excited was she to have a space of her own, she finished her communications project, peeked at a decorating site (or two, or three), wrote a short story on her glob

(that’s ‘blog’ spelled backward for those of you who are still reading this)

and when she was done working in her newly created space, she was very, very tired.



back to her bed,

where she

closed her eyes,

drifted off to sleep





And they all lived happily ever after in the Land of Testosterone – except when this mom decides the other part of the office is rather plain and needs a bit more storage…

I linked this post up to Jen’s blog, IHeartOrganizing. Gotta love a blog that inspires you to clean and organize your refrigerator!

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  1. LOL!! I too live in the Land of Testosterone, where all things girly and flowered are yucky. I too teach the small dweller (soon to be dwellers) of the Land of Testosterone and would dearly love to have my own little space, but alas, my fairy tale has no happy ending. We have no spare closets, nooks or crannies. The only extra space we have went to James Bond and is now his “man cave.” I have girly office envy. You did a great job.

    • Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Can you tell it was really late at night when I wrote that post?!

      Someday you will have your own space and when you do, just think…you can put all the flowers and frills you want to deter the men in your house from claiming your doman!

  2. How adorable! The office and the story 🙂

    I dream of having my own office one day!

    Enjoy your lovely space!

    • You are so sweet. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment! And I bet one day you will have a space to call your own…:)

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