From Brassy…to Classy

Here is the other project I promised you.

It’s a tutorial about how to take one very brassy lamp:

and turn it into

one very classy lamp:

All it took for this transformation is a little (what else) spray paint for the lamp base, and some fabric, spray adhesive, a pencil, scissors and a glue gun for the lamp shade.

Note: you can also just buy a new lampshade, but they can get expensive. I used what I already had on hand to recover the shade so it didn’t cost me anything.

Lamp base

You’ll need this:

The bottle now looks different, but definitely go with Rustoleum’s oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It’s essentially a super dark brown paint, almost black, but it has tiny copper flecks that really give it a nice metallic sheen. I paid about $5 at Menard’s.

All I did was take off the shade, put tin foil on the part where the light bulb screws into (I’m so technical!) and also on the cord so I wouldn’t get too much paint on it.

Then I sprayed away. Two quick even coats and my lamp looked brand new.

The shade

The shade was a bit more involved. In the picture above, it doesn’t look too bad, but trust me, up close it screamed, “PLEASE MAKE ME OVER.” It had turned all yellowy because of age so it definitely needed some work.

First, you’ll need to make a template for your shade out of some new fabric. I chose white. I actually cut up a $3 twin sheet from Walmart that I had on hand for another project.

To do this, lay the shade on your fabric positioning it so that the seam is to the far right edge. Then take your pencil and start to trace the top edge of the shade as you roll it:

Do the top edge first and then go back the other way and trace the bottom edge.

When you are done, cut out your template, making sure to leave about an inch or so of extra fabric all around.

It should look like this:

Next align the edge of your fabric with the seam of your shade.

Use spray adhesive to keep it in place.

I couldn’t really take pictures of this because I don’t have a third hand to actually take the picture. Please forgive me!

Suffice to say, lay it out first and work in small sections. Spray a section of about 6 inches or so and then take your hand and smooth out the fabric so there are no wrinkles. Keep working until the entire shade is covered.

It should look like this:

Now you are ready to finish off the edges.

Que this:

All you do is put a little glue on the inner rim of the shade

and then press down to hold it in place.

Do this to the top edge first and then repeat the steps for the bottom edge. (Note this picture really shows how yellow the shade was).

After I revamped the lamp base and shade, my lamp looked great, albeit plain.

So…I took a fabric flower pin I hardly ever wear and very carefully pinned it on to my newly covered shade.

Here she is in all her glory literally brightening up a corner of my office:

Next up:  a recap of how I took my very functional, but not very beautiful office and made it much more pleasant and personable for not a lot of money.

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