Refresh Your Rooms: The Laundry Room

This room was harder than I thought it would be.

Want to know why?

OK. I’ll tell you.

The laundry room is my catch all room. Everything that doesn’t have a  home ends up in here. The only exception: the black hole that is our basement. But that is a topic for another day.

I suspect that every house has at least one catch all room. The one-room-we-would-be-horrified-if-company-came-over-and-saw-it kind of a room.

Glad it has a door:)

So here are some ideas for refreshing your laundry room/laundry area. The goal of this room is to be both hardworking and somewhat pleasant to be in on a regular basis.

(Did I mention that I do more than 15 loads of laundry a week – easily. Ridiculous, I know).

Let’s tackle the hardworking parts first:

Washing machine and dryer

Try to keep the tops free from clothes (unless,of course, they are folded and ready to be put away)!

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, most of the time this is easier said than done. But a girl can dream, can’t she?


I have a shelf above our washer and dryer that is definitely more function than form. But I’m OK with that. It IS a laundry room.

On it is a bucket of my cleaning supplies, detergent, whitening stuff, fabric softener, a box for our at-home dry cleaning supplies and homemade stain remover and an empty milk container that holds the water for my thirsty plants.

I also am lucky enough to have a counter in this room, originally intended to be a large flat surface devoted to folding laundry.

Yeah right.

It ended up being a dumping station for anything that came into our house or anything that was already in our house that didn’t already have a home.


Shove everything below the counter instead. It works for me, but didn’t look great.

Somewhere along the way, I got the notion of adding in a curtain so I could at least hide all of the unsightly stuff that collects in this room. The curtain is special because it is the first thing I sewed with my sewing machine.

For the love of baskets

My latest addition is four matching laundry baskets that now reside on the counter top. (All the baskets are half off at Hobby Lobby this week. I got all four lined baskets for $40. A great deal after much fruitless searching. Plus, they are just the right size for my kids to tote back and forth to their rooms to put their clothes away. In theory, anyway).

Now on to form.

Make it pleasant.

This is a hard-working room. And if you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time in here. So why not try to make the best of it?

I have a small sign that says, “Simplify”. It’s a great reminder to me because we all know that it takes a lot of work to be simple. The letters were originally red and it didn’t go with the room, so I simply painted them black with a 99 cent bottle of acrylic paint and a small paintbrush.

The only other thing I did was spray paint some thrifted frames white to make a wall of some of my favorite photos. It reminds me in the midst of the mountains of laundry I do every week to be thankful that I have a family to love and serve this way.

I even frames a packet of seeds. It came from my papa’s garage when we cleaned it out after his death. He grew a wonderful garden every year. Whenever I see that packet, I remember him.

Eventually, I hope to replace that wall of photos with a set of cabinets that match our kitchen to store bulk food, extra paper towels, etc.

Until then, use what you have and make it your own. Anything you can do to make the task of laundry as pleasant as possible:)

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