Be a Wrap Star

Are you like me and still have some gift wrapping left to do?

Don’t despair.

There is still plenty of time to beautifully wrap your gifts. Follow these tips and you’ll be sitting in front of the tree sipping hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music in no time.

Or better yet – grab something to drink, put the Christmas music on and start wrapping after your kids are asleep.

Tag, you’re it!

While surfing through blogland, I came across a couple of great ideas for gift tags.

One idea comes from a wonderfully creative woman named Susie. Simply take some white self-adhesive address labels from Walmart (of all places) and stamp them with a decorative stamp. Sounds kitschy, I know, but the nature-inspired stamps she used are chic and elegant. Read her post here.

If you don’t have any stamps leftover from the 90s craze (I’m guilty as charged), then this next idea is for you. It comes from the freakishly talented Emily of Jones Design Company.

She very generously created four PDFs of ultra classy gift tags and made them available to download for free from her site. Simply print them off and cut them out. Love. that. woman.

Ah, gift wrap

Most people put a lot of thought into what to give, but then don’t give a second thought about how to give the gift.

Taking just a little extra time to wrap the present is also part of the gift. It makes that person feel extra special that you took the time to wrap it beautifully.

This year all of my gifts are wrapped in silver and gold paper. I used the free tags from Emily above and added some ribbon, a spring of evergreen cut from the back of the tree and a small ornament.

The wrapping paper, ribbon and ornaments all came from the deeply discounted after-Christmas sales at Hobby Lobby last year. I highly recommend this strategy.

One other tip:  buy a couple of rolls of red wrapping paper that don’t look overly Christmas-y and use them at Valentine’s Day.

Gift Wrap Central

I finally broke down and bought one of those $10 under the bed plastic storage boxes and filled it with everything I need to wrap presents.

And I mean everything. Wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, tape, scissors, all different kinds of ribbon, gift tags and a pen. When I want to wrap a present, I simply pull out the box from under the bed, lock the door so my littles won’t peek and wrap to my heart’s desire.

When I’m done, everything goes back in the box and is ready for next time. It saves a lot of time and frustration – plus it makes me look really organized.

But don’t be fooled:)

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