There’s Never A Good Time…

Me:  “I’m starting a new healthy eating plan (read: diet)”.

You:  “You should wait until after the holidays. Right before Christmas isn’t a good time”.

Me:  “I hear ya. But here’s the thing:  There’s never a good time“.

Whether it’s a diet, a budget, a new habit, there is never a good time to start.

So I say, “Just start”.

I’m ready now. And I have a plan.

I wrote out a list of simple and healthy breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.

I’m down to my last two cans of coke and when they’re gone, I’m not buying anymore.

If I get a craving for a coke, I’ll replace it with a tall glass of iced tea, which I also love.

If I get hungry, I’ll drink a glass of water first and then choose something from my list of healthy snacks.

Dinners will be my most challenging endeavor. Why? Because I think of dinner like this:

and my husband thinks of this:

And don’t even get me started on breakfast. I think oatmeal or my favorite oatmeal muffins:

and my husband thinks of this:

A quick look of the ingredients makes me wonder if pizza rolls and Cap’n Crunch can really be considered food anyway!?

Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me.

Why now?

Because in the last two years, I’ve gained 15 pounds. Though I’m still technically at a healthy weight for my height, I have to admit, I don’t feel all that great most of the time.

I gained it for two reasons: 

1. I used to work full time at a hospital, which means I walked. A lot.

2. My papa passed away in April. Since I already felt awful, I just didn’t care what I ate or how much I slept.

OK, there is a third reason: A large size fountain coke from McDonald’s is only a buck.

It was easy for me to say no when it was $1.69 a pop (get it – pop), because I’m just too cheap to pay that every day. But at only a buck, the temptation was just too great.

So…if you see me, you have my permission to ask me how it’s going. And since I’m a really bad liar, you can be sure I’m telling you the truth.


After I conquer healthy eating, I’ll move on to exercise. But I’m taking it one thing at a time. When I try to change everything at once, I fail.

(You are talking to the person who has had the same New Year’s resolutions for the last 11 years. I wish I was kidding).

I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready not to fail.

How about you? Have you been putting off dealing with a sticky issue in your life?

Maybe now is a good time to start (wink).

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