Stumped On What To Give? This May Help

When it comes to gift-giving, it truly is the thought that counts.

Often times we are so strapped for time (and money especially at this time of year) that we don’t really think about what that special person would actually like, want or need.

I found a few practical guidelines to help you in coming up with some good ideas for gifts. These are taken from a great book called, “The Complete Guide to Creative Gift-Giving” by Cynthia Yates.

In general, when giving a gift, consider the person’s:

  • Age – While a child would balk at receiving a warm pair of socks, an older person would be very happy with such a thoughtful and practical gift. 
  • Gender – Typically speaking, men love gadgets. Give him something he can take apart and then put back together again or a tool he can use to take something apart and put back together again and he’ll be in seventh heaven.
  • Occupation – A nurse might love a pedicare kit, while a truck driver might really enjoy an audio book. Or, you can always inject a bit of humor into the mix and give a fresh accounting graduate a new lunch box kit and thermos. (Get it, accountants almost always brown bag their lunch…hee hee).
  • Hobbies – A friend that is a total shutterbug would love some new scrapbooking supplies or better yet, a gift card to a local scrapbook store.
  • Interests – A friend on your lists loves dogs? Give him or her a book about making homemade doggie treats that the favorite pooch can either eat or wear. Is the person an avid reader, but not sure what he or she already has? How about a gift card to a local or online bookstore or a magazine subscription?
  • Sports – Does someone you know love to fish or golf? Stop by a specialty store and talk to the clerk. He or she might give you some great gift ideas within your budgeted amount.
  • Favorite color – If a family member or your child’s teacher loves a particular color, start looking for items only in that color and something he or she would really like is bound to pop out at you.

When all else fails, give a gift from the kitchen. Just be sure it is a tried and true recipe (as me how I know!) and its presentation is beautiful.

More ideas on both those topics to come in the next couple of days, as well some simple gifts you can make at home.

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