Go ahead, Be a Kid Again: Friday Night, Family Night

If you are anything like me, you know that there is a certain type of comfort to be found in the predictable rhythms of ordinary family life. 

Enjoying time spent together as a family can go along way toward building a strong foundation that hopefully can withstand the difficult teenage years that are coming.

It’s so important for us to enjoy the here and now while still thinking ahead toward the future.

Several months ago, our family started what has now become a Friday night ritual. So while I whole heartedly admit that Friday nights at our house are pretty predictable, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun!

Every Friday at about 3:30 in the afternoon, I put the ingredients for pizza dough into my breadmaker. It takes all of four minutes to do and then the breadmaker does the rest of the work for me.

While the pizza bakes in the oven, we put on some oldies (or Christmas music these days) and dance around the kitchen until my husband comes home around 5:30 pm.

Just to mix it up a bit (so we don’t become TOO predictable), we might make individual pizzas and use the veggie and meat toppings to make funny faces, or make it into a heart shape for Valentine’s Day.

Or, we might all wear silly hats while eating dinner.

The point is to have a predictable routine that has some unpredictable parts to keep it fresh and interesting.

After dinner, we either watch a kid-friendly video, (Chicken Little, Cars and Wall-E are some of our favorites).

For a while there, we were watching the first several seasons of the “I Love Lucy” show. More than 50 years later, it’s still laugh-out-loud funny, even for our seven-year-olds. I thought it was important to watch what their parents grew up on, even though they kept asking why there was no color:)

Side note: Fred Mertz is my favorite – just check out those pants!

If we aren’t watching a show, you can find us playing a board game. Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Cadoo and Jenga are some of our faves.

Some of the games we bought new. Others were given to us. Still others were thrifted for just a couple of dollars.

It’s important to note that I never had anything like this growing up. But as a parent now, I have the ability to create these special memories.

Although there was a lot of love in my childhood home, I never remember family dinner time. I can’t even recall one time where we all sat down and played a game together. And we certainly never danced around the kitchen wearing silly hats.

But that is where the sheer grace and love of God come into play. He has given me a second chance at childhood by being able to enjoy my own children. That is one of the unexpected benefits of parenthood. I really didn’t get to be a kid when I was one. But now, I get to be a kid all over again with my own children.

And there is nothing routine about that.

So, how about you? Do you have any routines that you do as a family?

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