Easily Track Pantry Items

Is it just me or does anyone else find it hard to keep track of the items in your pantry?

I came up with a simple solution that’s working really well and I’d like to share it with you.

Que the drum roll:

I came across this product at Walgreen’s of all places. It’s dry erase posterboard and for only $2.49, it’s genius, I tell you!

All I did was cut a piece to fit the inside of my cabinet door and held it in place with double-sided tape. That’s it! I was done in literally two minutes.

Then I did a quick inventory of everything I had on hand:

Instead of completely erasing the item after I use it, I just cross it off. That way, when I write out my grocery list, I look at what is crossed off and add it to my list. For me, that system works a whole lot better than trying to remember what I crossed off!

Since there was quite a bit of posterboard left over, I made one for the inside of my cabinet next to the stove.

I keep my dry erase marker in the same place in my pantry cabinet so I can always find it.

Tip: If you are short on space (read: can’t trust the other people who live in your house to follow the system you just created), cut a small piece of velcro and attach one side to your dry erase marker and the other piece above your inventory chart.

That way your marker will always return to its rightful place (at least in theory, anyway)!

Try using this simple method to organize other trouble spots in your home. Three immediately come to mind:

  • inventory for your freezer (stand alone or with your fridge)
  • checklist of what you need before you leave the house, i.e., keys, cell phone, cell phone charger, briefcase, lunch, kids’ papers or anything else needed for school that day, anything needed to run errands that day, etc.
  • checklist for kids’ sports, i.e., water bottle, uniform, cleats, change of shoes, snack, mouthpiece, etc.

I’m sure there are lots of other ways this idea could be adapted to make life a little easier for you.

Happy inventory-ing!

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  1. […] a quick glance at my newly organized pantry inventory, I found I had all the ingredients on hand to make this veggie-packed […]

  2. Such a great idea! I never knew they made this stuff in poster board form…

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