Four Easy Ways to Embellish a Pillow

Ah, pillows. One of my favorite subjects. I really don’t consider myself a “crafty” person, however, I do like to make decorative throw pillows.

Before I had a sewing machine, I used to stitch them by hand. That was easy enough, though it took about 45 minutes to make one. Now that I have my handy dandy inexpensive beginner sewing machine, I can make a pillow in less than 15 minutes.

Pillows are really easy to make, especially for a someone who can only sew in a straight line – but hey, with every mistake I make, I learn something and that’s what really matters.

Pillows are also inexpensive. Because they are an accessory, you can switch them out quickly if you want to try a different look in your room. That’s great for those who like to experiment with different looks until it just feels right.

Here are a few ideas:

Add a Felt Flower

All I did was free hand draw a flower shape onto brown felt and cut it out. Then I did the same thing again so I’d have two matching pieces. Place the flowers where you want them on a pillow you already own, arranging them so that you can see all the petals. To finish it off and make it a little more special, I sewed on a button from my stash in the center of the flower.

Here’s what it looks like up close:

Make rosettes

This looks hard, but it’s actually very easy to make. For each rosette, all you do is take a long strip of fabric (mine was about 18 inches long and about 1 1/2-2 inches wide), twist it and glue it with hot glue as you roll it into a circle. The messier they are, the better they look. What’s not to love about that?!

Draw a stencil

For this one, I found a clip art bird image that I liked and printed it onto plain copy paper. Then I cut it out and traced it onto a pillow I made out of super inexpensive burlap and colored the bird image in with brown and black fabric markers. It still needed a little something, so I sewed on a button from my stash and voila!

And the easiest way of all to embellish a pillow…

Add a pin

This was one of the first pillows I made with my sewing machine. I loved the subtle patten on the fabric, but felt it was a bit too plain.

I was trying to think of something SUPER quick and easy I could do to dress this pillow up a bit. Then I remembered a white flower pin I bought at Target a few years ago that I love, but never wear. All I did was pin it to the of the pillow. Now I’m in love. And it only took two seconds to do.

How could you dress up a pillow using what you already have?

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