What a Bag of Skittles Can Teach You


I firmly believe that life teaches you lessons every single day. Oftentimes, the littlest, or even the most insignificant, things can teach us something if only we’ll take the time to look for them.

For example, our boys have different Sunday School teachers. We felt that since they were twins and are almost ALWAYS together, it would be a good idea to put them in separate classes.

As with so many things in life, what solves one problem causes another.

Son #2’s teacher gave him a small package of Skittles as he left his room to go home. Son #1’s teacher did not. Son #2 proceeded to break open his bag of Skittles and eat them right in front of his brother. Son #1 did not like that idea one bit and asked if he could have some, too. Son #2 very maturely responded, “No, they’re all mine!”

I could feel my husband’s blood pressure start to rise (and mine as well). Before things diminished into an all-out brawl over some little colored pieces of sugar, I managed to say, “Son #2, did you know that Skittles taste better when they’re shared?”

Son #2’s face lit up, followed by Son #1’s. The Skittles were shared and enjoyed. And mom and dad were able to steal a few minutes of peace and quiet on the way home from church.

Lesson learned: when we share what we have with others, we’re all better off.

I know I’ve found that to be true in my own life, and I’m talking about more than just Skittles.

Sometime this week, see what you can share with someone else. It doesn’t have to be something big. Often, the littlest things are the most meaningful.

Perhaps you could buy a cup of coffee for someone (giving from your resources). Or, maybe you could help a senior citizen load groceries in the car (giving from your ability). Could you watch a young mom’s kids for an hour so she can have a much-needed break (giving from your time).

These are just a few simple lessons we can learn about sharing what we have with others. And to think that I have a little bag of Skittles to thank for it.

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