Vintage Red Beauty


Today was an absolutely gorgeous fall day in southern Michigan. My boys and I decided to go for a bike ride, the three of us cruching through the falling leaves in our neighborhood as the sun shone warmly down upon us.

There’s nothing like the freedom that comes with riding a bicycle. When I’m on my old red bike, I feel like I am 10 years old again, riding up and down my street, playing “post office”.

I mentioned before that I love things with a story. Well, this vintage red beauty definitely has a story – but she’s not talking. Not just yet.

One day last April, I went to a church rummage sale. It was the last two hours of the sale and I knew all of the good stuff would already be gone, but I decided to stop anyway to see what was left.

There she was standing near a few other bikes, just waiting to be rescued. I honestly don’t understand why she was still there. She was in great shape and even had a brand new seat. Her back tire was a little low, but that was easily remedied. I looked at the little round orange sticker. Only $20.

I went up to the table to ask if I could take her out for a test drive. The workers gladly obliged. One lady even held my purse as I rode up and down the sidewalk in front of the church – with a big smile on my face – while others were giving me curious glances as they came in and out of the doors.

She was a perfect fit.

I took out my money to pay for her and the lady said that everything left was half off. I couldn’t believe it! My vintage red beauty was only $10.

Now we are both happy. I have her and she has me. I have a bike that reminds me of a brighter spot in my childhood and she has a new owner to love and take care of her.

So if you happen to see a brunette smiling from ear to ear and riding a very old red bike in your neighborhood, just smile and wave back, knowing that each rescued the other.

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