57 Years

Today my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. They’ve been together for 57 years…57 years! Does anyone know what the traditional wedding gift is to commemorate 57 years of marriage? Is there even one?

(According to wikipedia, the answer is “no”.)

I wish I could say that there was a lot of fanfare to celebrate such an occasion, (of which only a rare few will ever have the opportunity). A proper celebration, complete with gifts, food, family and friends, decorations, belly laughs and smiles galore, fancy clothes and moving toasts – and a cake. Who could forget the cake?

But there was no party.

No gifts or food.

There were no family or friends.

No decorations or fancy clothes.

No belly laughs or smiles galore.

No moving toasts, either.

Not even a cake.

You see, both my parents are gone.

Today is the day they would’ve celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary if they were still alive.

There was no celebration. All that’s left of 57 years together is a quiet spot of ground, well covered with grass and the occasional weed. Not even a headstone for my papa to mark the spot where he lay deep within the earth. All that’s left are the quiet tears from a broken-hearted daughter that loved those two people, some would say, a little too much.

At least they are together, side by side. The way they liked best.

As much as it pains me to lose them, I have hope. I will see them again some day in heaven. It’s a glorious place without pain, suffering or tears. A place where there is a constant source of Light – God himself – and one day all three of us will be together again.

The way I like it best.

I love you mom and papa. And I miss you dearly.

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